Saturday, July 27, 2013

More new tricks

Fodder (aka Ray Goldsworthy)
succumbing to the Muse in a Paris cafe

Fodder's gone global!
Immortalizing Monet's garden at Giverny
Some of you might remember my dad, affectionately known in story circles as Fodder, and his talent for creating lovely or quirky pen-and-ink sketches, watercolours, and acrylic paintings. Well,  he's got an innovative website where people can buy digital copies of his art and do whatever they want with it - print it big and frame it for the living room, print it on cards for birthdays and housewarmings, turn it into a screensaver....
There are pictures of medieval houses in the Dordogne Valley in France, of a surfer's shrine in Hawaii, of Whaling Station Bay on Hornby Island, Bywater Market in Ottawa, and so many more. I'm biased, maybe, but I think you'll love them too.
Please visit and enjoy!