Sunday, July 17, 2011


The grass is greener.
My hometown is called the City of Gardens for good reason – we’re florid, loaded with gardens. But…
We also have a regular summer drought from July to September when lawns turn gold and crispy and hardware stores do a brisk business in watering wands. But…
This year our especially long, wet spring has led to a cooler, overcast summer so the grass is still lush. During rush hour on Thursday afternoon, Miss Jean Brodie and I startled two young bucks cropping greenery on a busy suburban corner. Yesterday morning the sky fell and gave the roses and geraniums another reason to sparkle.
So it’s true: every cloud has a silver lining – at least in Victoria.


  1. Unfortunately, the deer have taken a shine to my floribunda! Garden and roses now covered in nets, cages and other assorted barriers.

  2. I love heat and always look forward to summer here, but I'm enjoying the cool, cloudy days. I have a kitchen reno going on and it's way more comfortable to pull down tile, install drywall and paint walls when it's not sweltering outside. Plus, I feel no guilt at neglecting the garden.

  3. Sympathies on the net-covered roses, Alice! I ran into my neighbour after her hair appointment the other day while she was scattering her off-cuts, hoping to head the deer away from her bachelor buttons.

    Guilt-free ungardening – that must be one of the only perks of home renovations, Laura.
    Oh, plus the new, improved cabinets, floors and appliances. That too.