Sunday, May 22, 2011

New starts

Yesterday I picked up my new spectacles and as I walked home, I reflected that I'll be able to read better with new lenses; I strode through the fragrance of cherry blossoms and the bumper crop of lilacs and thought ahead to the fruit and seeds that will form over the summer; and then I saw another kind of new start.
A bride's satiny white dress glowed against the backdrop of lush green shrubs and the glistening grey stones of an urban waterfall while the photographer arranged her pose, and her groom, dashing in black and white, held her bouquet of red roses.
A wedding is one of the loveliest of new starts, I think, right up there with the arrival of a child in the top-two category of life-altering-in-a-good-way events.
I must remember to tell the Saint that when our anniversary rolls around. Right after I remind him that no, June 6 was D-Day.

PS: am discovering the glasses aren't working so well. I hope the honeymoon is going better.


  1. Congrats on the new specs! Maybe lend them to your man, so he doesn't forget to 'see' the calendar! Lisa

  2. Hey, good idea on the calendar!

    I've heard that cell phones have them – maybe I can talk someone savvy into putting an alarm into his…