Sunday, May 29, 2011

The latest buzz in Victoria

In the summertime, visitors come from around the world to enjoy Victoria's lovely gardens, pretty historic buildings and pleasant hum of activity. 
The Empress Hotel has it all.
There are now ten gleaming white beehives in a quiet green corner of the garden, apparently so the hotel has its own supply of honey.
The scones at afternoon tea are going to be really something now!


  1. Oh now neat! Will have to go an investigate this for sure! Lisa

  2. Just doing my part to promote all the cool things there are to see in downtown Victoria!

  3. Interesting!
    Here out on our property, in Cobble Hill, we have set up a 'top bar' bee hive. The latest trendy project that we have on the go.

    And yes - it's working. Glad to see your photo Rachel.

    Yum, tea with scones and honey.

  4. I'm so intrigued, Jodie! Now I must find out what a top bar bee hive is.