Sunday, May 8, 2011


One of my oldest friends moved from our hometown to a smaller town last year and she's having a blast cruising the farmer's markets.

I think she has to come back to the old stomping grounds once in a while to justify all the swag she can't resist buying. Anyway, that's my theory because frankly, I'm not that great a hostess and when she came for a visit recently, she brought me the motherlode of hostess gifts: lavender bath salts, a salt bag for warming sore muscles, blackberry vinegar, two bags of nettle tea…and a skein of wool.

Is this a score or what?

There are so many beautiful colours in this yarn and the angora-wool blend gives it wonderful depth. 

I knitted myself a pair of fingerless mittens. They warm my hands while I hunch over my keyboard, and they warm my heart, too. 


  1. Hi Rachel, I went to the Farmer's market here on Pender yesterday. I looked at the wool, and thought "maybe I should start knitting." I came away with a hellebore plant from the most interesting lady, one side of her table is deer resistant plants. She gave me some fawn lily seeds, which I'm going to plant tomorrow.

  2. Wow, fawn lily seeds! You lucky planter you!

    Nice to know that wool tempts even non-knitters, because it's pretty much irresistible to anyone who loves a nice set of double-pointeds:)