Sunday, May 29, 2011

The latest buzz in Victoria

In the summertime, visitors come from around the world to enjoy Victoria's lovely gardens, pretty historic buildings and pleasant hum of activity. 
The Empress Hotel has it all.
There are now ten gleaming white beehives in a quiet green corner of the garden, apparently so the hotel has its own supply of honey.
The scones at afternoon tea are going to be really something now!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

New starts

Yesterday I picked up my new spectacles and as I walked home, I reflected that I'll be able to read better with new lenses; I strode through the fragrance of cherry blossoms and the bumper crop of lilacs and thought ahead to the fruit and seeds that will form over the summer; and then I saw another kind of new start.
A bride's satiny white dress glowed against the backdrop of lush green shrubs and the glistening grey stones of an urban waterfall while the photographer arranged her pose, and her groom, dashing in black and white, held her bouquet of red roses.
A wedding is one of the loveliest of new starts, I think, right up there with the arrival of a child in the top-two category of life-altering-in-a-good-way events.
I must remember to tell the Saint that when our anniversary rolls around. Right after I remind him that no, June 6 was D-Day.

PS: am discovering the glasses aren't working so well. I hope the honeymoon is going better.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Gremlin's on a diet

“Tell me four good things about yourself,” Maggie said to her boyfriend in the movie Love and Other Drugs.
He couldn’t come up with a single one.
At least, he couldn’t say them out loud.

I saw this in action at a communications workshop the other night. Each of the participants drew a word from an envelope and we were to use it when we introduced ourselves. In a room full of smart, hard-working women – there were probably 20 of us – not one of us managed to say that we were generous or patient or kind.

I didn’t manage, either. The gremlin in my head is always ready to snap off a chunk of my self-esteem.
Why do I care what that gremlin says? After all, it’s only me.
Maybe that’s why I care.
Part of me is saying I’m not as good as I want to be, or it’s saying that I’m not good at all, and as for the future, well, Abandon Hope….

And that takes me to a story about a man who explained to his grandson that two wolves live within him.
“One is a bad wolf,” he said. “It’s greedy and lazy, seething with anger and jealousy and regret.”
“And the other?” the grandson asked.
“The other is a good wolf, full of joy and compassion and great love.”
“What happens if they’re stuck inside you together?”
“They fight all the time,” the grandfather said.
“Which one will win?”
“The one,” Grandpa said, “that I feed.”

As of now, my gremlin’s officially on a diet.

I dare you to name four good things about yourself.

Sunday, May 8, 2011


One of my oldest friends moved from our hometown to a smaller town last year and she's having a blast cruising the farmer's markets.

I think she has to come back to the old stomping grounds once in a while to justify all the swag she can't resist buying. Anyway, that's my theory because frankly, I'm not that great a hostess and when she came for a visit recently, she brought me the motherlode of hostess gifts: lavender bath salts, a salt bag for warming sore muscles, blackberry vinegar, two bags of nettle tea…and a skein of wool.

Is this a score or what?

There are so many beautiful colours in this yarn and the angora-wool blend gives it wonderful depth. 

I knitted myself a pair of fingerless mittens. They warm my hands while I hunch over my keyboard, and they warm my heart, too.