Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Earth Day!

I’m not generally interested in doing much math, but there are times when those arithmetic lessons come in handy.

Out of curiosity recently, I totted up how many kilometers I walked or cycled for meetings or errands in the month leading up to Earth Day.

Then I did a little Googlesearch, hauled out my solar-powered calculator and waited for a sunny day.
Counting only trips that had a specific destination, I discovered that me, my muscles, and Miss Jean Brodie (my bike, also in her prime) kept 40 kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions out of the atmosphere. In a month.

If I keep it up all year, that could add up (if I’ve done the math right) to almost half a metric tonne of greenhouse gases that me and my car didn’t send skyward.

I know I’m not saving the world but I’m also not making things worse, and that feels good.

And the fact that all that activity – which I enjoy, by the way – keeps a cupcake or three off my tail? Well, I call that travel bonus points.

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