Sunday, February 6, 2011

Three-Way Win

I lost a bunch of weight last year, which is all to the good from a health and self-esteem perspective, but there is a downside.
I hate shopping for them and even more I hate forking over loads of money for them. In fact, I can’t pay a lot without taking my credit card farther than I’m comfortable going, so for many years I have relied on a staple of the community: thrift stores.
There are a lot of these where I live and most of them support useful social programs, so I can even feel good about my frugal ways. But that’s a bonus. My primary payoff is that I get quality clothes very inexpensively.
Last week, for example, I picked up a luscious new brand-name softshell jacket for walking and riding – “And skiing!” says the Saint hopefully – 
as well as a lovely, slightly dressy, Ann Taylor sweater. 
Sleeveless! The last time I was comfortable showing my upper arms was…never mind, you’re too young to remember that far back.
I have even (shhhh!) bought gifts in thrift stores.
Last year I found a gorgeous retro glass jug as a wedding present for a friend who’s totally into all things 1950s.
More recently, I scored a handbag.
Do I need a purse?
Do I want one?
But this sweetie is a polka-dot Kate Spade.
Did I mention that my friend Lee McKenzie is a KS fan? And that the signature look for her brand of charming novels is polka dots?
And that, to my mind, makes it a perfect fit!


  1. Now that I've had time to recover from the surprise...and a lovely one!...I have to say THANK YOU! This will be a lovely addition to my Kate collection!

  2. You are most welcome, Lee!

    I love it when serendipity plays out so perfectly.