Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Heart Day

Those of you who were here last Valentine's Day know that I don't really know my sweetie. I call him the Saint, after all. That should be your first clue.

So I think he's not romantic. I mean, this is the guy who, every spring, says, "So our anniversary's coming up."
Only it's really a question; he's just trying to be subtle about it.
"Yes," I say brightly.
When it's obvious that I'm not going to be any more help than that, he ventures, "The, uh, sixth, right?"
"That would be D-Day," I say.

So he gets around the whole concept of specific dates for special occasions by marking them in other ways. A few weeks ago, we went to Point No Point on the west coast of Vancouver Island for a couple of days of togetherness. And, apparently, photography.

He took pictures of driftwood wrapped in a Gordian knot of kelp

He shot the path to China Beach

And he was captivated by the most romantic bench

Happy Heart Day, Bryce and Emma!

Whoever you are.

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