Sunday, January 2, 2011

An adventure!

I'm really stoked about this coming year – I'm celebrating my fresh, healthy new start with a new blog and I hope you'll share the excitement with me!

In Calorie Neutral, I'll tell you my stories about losing weight (and keeping it gone), gaining energy (and keeping it), and doing it all with more fun and no pain.

I won't tell you what to do – there won't be a single "should." It's all about me (and my dad, and that's another story :)).

What I hope is that my stories will make you laugh and encourage you to find (or share) your own path to a life bursting with pleasure and wellbeing.

Saturdays are story days and on Wednesdays I'll share a fun link, a fantastic recipe, or an informative interview.

Please visit early and often. I'm looking forward to seeing you at Calorie Neutral!


  1. I like this photo. You look very tall and leggy, like you're walking through some Greek ruins.

  2. Tall and leggy?
    You're my favourite person, Jodie!

    I was exploring Sarlat, a medieval town in southwestern France. I love the winding streets with little niches and arched entrances filled with either light or shadow. They're kind of metaphors for life, I think – I can't see too far ahead but there's so much texture and so many intriguing places to explore along the way!

  3. I like the whole idea of this blog. Celebrating your successes while you lose weight and get healthy sounds like fun. But I have to admit when I look at your picture I don't see a person who needs to lose a lot of weight.

    Pat Amsden