Sunday, November 28, 2010

Spotted: Owl

On a snowy day last week, an owl arrived and spent the who-who-whole day sheltering in the ivy draping my neighbour's Garry oak.

The description in my bird book suggested that this might be a Spotted Owl except that, according to Audubon, SOs are crow-sized. This was way bigger than that – 18 inches, I guessed.
Further research (ie reading the rest of the description) unearthed the info that Audubon thinks crows are 17 1/2 inches tall.
I'd like to know what Audubon feeds its crows.
On second thought, maybe I don't.


  1. How gorgeous! Looks like a spotted owl to me.

  2. I was so thrilled to be able to watch him (her?) for so long. I have rarely seen owls, so it was one of the highlights of my autumn.

  3. Wow, Rachel, he's beautiful. Do you feel wise when you exchange stares?

  4. What an opportunity and a rare treat. Fantastic pictures - thank you so much for sharing! Lisa

  5. I think the owl is a Western Screeh Owl.

    The spotted Owls are browner????

  6. I'd have felt a lot wiser, Alice, if I'd cozied up in a leafy bower like the owl did, instead of braving the two or three inches of snow (yes that counts here on the balmy Wet Coast) to shovel the driveway.

    Barb, the screech owl is much smaller – robin-sized. Mind you, that's according to Audubon, which also thinks crows are 17 1/2 inches tall.

  7. That was one fantastic picture Rachel.

    Loved the feathers!

  8. Glad you liked the photos, Jodie. As with all the best ones I use, it was taken by my redoubtable husband who has such a great eye (and the patience to squat on the kitchen counter for hours to get the perfect shot).

  9. what we are all looking at is a barred owl, a cousin to the spotted owl which is critically endangedered in canada, less than 10 breeding pairs left here. occacionally, and i mean very rarely, a spotted owl and a barred owl will mate and create a sparred owl.
    if you look on the owl's breast, the brown marks are verticall9 up and down) if it were a spotted owl, the brown breast feathers would be more spts than vertical lines. hope this helps.