Saturday, March 27, 2010

Weeds or Wonders

As this year's dandelions begin to bloom, I wonder – yet again – why I struggle so hard against them.

If I let nature have its way, both my dry shady back yard and the sunny, rocky front would be masses of brilliant yellow from March to October with no effort on my part. I could pick the leaves for salads, and even make wine from the blossoms. I could let the plants go to seed and have mini meadows of ethereal silvery globes.

And I’ve just raked up a moral dilemma, too. According to Cursing the Basil, a book of garden folklore, dandelions might be fairies. All these years I’ve wielded my spade in backyard pogroms when, instead, I could have had a garden full of magic!


  1. Yesterday I wielded my handy-dandy dandelion digger-upper for twenty minutes and barely made a dent in this spring's early crop. I've considered letting them take over the yard, but yellow is not my favorite garden colour. And my neighbours would hate me.

  2. Must have been the day, I too spent Saturday waging war on dandelions, twitch grass and morning glory. Can someone explain why grass grows freely and happily between the bricks of hte driveway yet gets choked out by moss on the lawn? AArgh!

  3. I think there's a lesson here that we're missing.
    We could be paving our driveways with dandelions and they'd just spring right back up in the wake of our tires. How easy would that be!
    And as for not liking yellow flowers, I say we should get over it. Think of how much time and energy we'd save not digging them up year after year. Or you could invite morning glory in. Same problem, white flowers.
    The neighbours, though, that's trickier…. We'd have to spend all that time and energy re-educating them, I guess. Or maybe they'd move away and we could let our yards fill up with dandelions, and then property values would go down and so would our taxes…. Hey, I think I'm onto something.