Saturday, September 5, 2009

Somebody needs a new hobby

According to David Noer in his book Breaking Free, an astounding 60 to 75 percent of people are unable to change even when something in their world calls for it. I think Ikea must have heard from every one of those people last month when its new catalog hit desks and coffee tables.

The furor that made international news is because, get this, Ikea changed the font.

The furniture retailer switched from Futura, which it had used for 50 years, to Verdana, like I just did.

Are you enraged yet?

Me either.

I still use Ikea furniture that my mom bought me when I got my first apartment in 1980; the car pillow my sister gave my stepson in 1990 isn’t even faded. Ikea was founded in 1943 by the innovative Ingvar Kamprad and is still owned by his family. In 2008, the company had 120,000 employees and revenues of $28.8 billion USD.

I think Ikea makes mistakes like the Canadian Mint makes juleps.

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  1. I think Ikea is a hoot. Love their kitchen stuff. Plus their cafeteria is amazing and you can have a unique European beer with your cafeteria choices and then head out to find more bagains.