Sunday, June 21, 2009

Here's to the good guys

June is the perfect month for Father’s Day. When a man is honorable and kind (or if he’s not, I suppose) his traits show up clearly during the long hours of daylight. Lucky for me, my menfolk are the sort whose sweetness and generosity I can truly celebrate.

In June eighteen years ago, in an act of quite staggering bravery, my husband married me. My dad signed the cheques for the historic venue, flower petals on the lawn, and wine for 70; I like to think he smiled while he did it.

On our anniversary ten years ago, my husband proved his devotion again when he indulged my love of cycling by buying a pair of padded shorts and riding around Ireland with me for a month. I don’t even remember asking my parents, but they stepped up to look after the house and the cat.

Four years ago, my husband cheered when I quit my day job so I could spend more time writing novels. (Okay, he grunted. I like to think of it as a cheer.) That same month, I told my father I was going to ride my two-wheeler around British Columbia alone; he ratcheted a smile onto his face and then, with a red satin ribbon, tied a little bell to my handlebars to scare away the bears.

Last week, my husband told me he hopes I’ll keep penning those books. Then he kissed me goodbye and went to work so I could.

And yesterday, my dad arrived with a punnet of strawberries from a local farm.

“It’s supposed to be Father’s Day tomorrow,” I said happily as I took the little basket, “but instead you’ve turned it into Daughter’s Day.”

He and my husband exchanged glances. “It’s always Daughter’s Day,” Dad said.
I ate the strawberries while they laughed.

Today I offer a toast to my men: Thank you for supporting me, cushioning me, and keeping me balanced.
You are the air within my tires.


  1. Oh my goodness, Rachel! You're very lucky to be surrounded by such wonderful men. :)

    And congratulations on achieving yet another milestone!

  2. Rachel, what a lovely, heart-warming post to launch your new blog. LOL re it being "an act of quite staggering bravery" to marry you. I beg to differ. I'm sure your husband celebrated - and continues to celebrate - his good luck in finding you, and he proved his wisdom and good taste by marrying you. (And yes, tell him I said so!)

    Happy Father's Day to all the good guys out there. And especially to all the men who believe in the female writers in their lives, and encourage us on our perilous journey.

  3. A charming and heart-warming post to celebrate Father's Day and the launch of your blog, Rachel. Well done!

  4. Ros, you're right – I'm very lucky!

    And Susan, thanks for saying my husband's lucky to have me. I keep reminding him of that.
    Now I can tell him that you say so, too!

  5. I love the look of this blog, and it's title, Rachel.

    Nicely done and an excellent, timely start to the posts.

  6. It is wonderful to hear stories of the positive support of the menfolk in your life. What a great blog Rachel.
    Lorhainne Eckhart

  7. Thanks, Lee, Shereen and Lorhainne!

    My dad was especially touched that my inaugural post was about him and my husband.

    It is very satisfying to be able to publicly acknowledge them for all their support.

  8. What a supportive team you have in your life Rachel!

    A lovely, romantic and thoughtful beginning to your post.

    Jodie Esch

  9. What a wonderful blog message you shared with us today. The men in your life sound like great guys...I guess I'm not the only lucky lady out there.

    Please keep up the posts and do me a favour...let me know when you blog again because I want to be on your reader list.

  10. A blog! Good for you Rachel. I always enjoy reading your stories.
    I miss your inspiring and always-relevant critiques. We must get our writing group back on about this Sept.?

  11. What a lovely post about the men in your life to launch your blog, Rachel. And, of course, congratulations on launching your blog!


  12. Mimi, feel free to share the sentiments with your wonderful guys.

    I plan to post a new blog every Sunday – so if you become a Follower, I promise not to overwhelm you!

    Deirdre, you know me! I'm always happy to drink tea and talk about writing – just set the date and I'll be there with my handy red pen!

  13. Good for you, Rachel. Here's to building your platform.


  14. Rachel,
    A great comment from a great person. Been in hospital, out now, sustained by the memories of our wonderful writer's grouop 'The Westerlies'. I've been busy with more bigraphical nonsense for the kids - I'm 84 on July 4th. (Not in my second childhood yet!)

  15. Marjorie LindseyJune 22, 2009 at 1:50 PM


    Loved your blog. It reminded me to be thankful for my wonderful guy.

    Congratulations. You are an inspiration.

  16. What a great reminder of how wonderful dads can be.

    Congratulations on chez Rachel!

  17. Your blog warms the cockles of my heart, Rachel! What a sweet tribute on Father's Day. And then there are those 'laws of attraction'. Like attracts like. How happily it has worked for you.
    Congratulations! You make blogging 'seem' easy.

  18. Marjorie, I'm grateful that my gratitude reminded you to be grateful for your man.
    One day I'll post a blog that will remind our guys how grateful they are for us, too!

    Daniela, thank you for that vote of confidence!

    Naomi – "Chez Rachel" – what a great name! From now on you get to title all my stuff.

  19. Rachel,

    You are very fortunate to have wonderful men in your life, and I am just as fortunate. Look forward to hearing more about your adventure. See you in December

  20. What heartwarming thoughts. So much of you in these words.
    Love tracey